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    Undelete user group

      user deleted a user group assigned to a device group and now I can not view the properties of the group. there are 3 machines encrypted that talk to this group for config.

      I dont see user group in deleted items. what can i do to fix this

      the client gives db000013 error when sync

      btw this was just one group of a 3 groups that are assigned to the device group. how can I get encryption off this machine? anything I try to do its safe file not found error 0xdb000013
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          there were no users in the group, so I guess your machine removed all them when your rogue admin either moved them out of the group, or deleted them.

          The file not found message isn't really useful without the context around it - it could be looking for groups, users, policy etc. post the log so we can see exactly what's going on.

          Can't you just assign some different users to the machine?
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            As ever safeboot thanks for your assistance.

            I dont have access to the log at the moment.

            Cant do anything with the machine. when you right click on the machine and choose properties it just says file not found :mad: same thing when you try to view device group properties.

            If I export the config it creates the file but still gives the file not found error. there were 2 groups assigned to the device group which has 3 machines.

            havent tried to use wintech to remove the encryption. what do you think the chances are of that working? Can you only remove the encryption if you have a good exported machine configuration?

            thanks again
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              are other machines working fine, or do you get the "file not found" error with all of them? did you recently upgrade to 5700? if so put the sbfiledb.dll back from 5600 or before.

              without a good user/password or a good machine export, no, there's no way to recover the data.

              but, why can't you just load up the last good backup of your database prior to your admin creating this problem, and recover the machine from that?
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                The 3 machines all have the same problem. Its a new install of the latest version so not upgraded and no backup has been taken yet.

                The machines are all working fine as in windows is booting fine they just cant get any new changes from the EEM server.

                so I can use a username and password to force the encryption off? I dont have to have the machine export? I know that the admin user was assigned to the computer.

                how come in the deleted items theres no option to undelete a user group?

                EDIT - I should add the mahine is there. All that was deleted was one user that was assigned to the machine. There were other users assigned which were not deleted. So by removing a user before taking them off a machine user list causes this to happen.
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                  you need to fix the sync issue first, or do an eboot to reflash the pre-boot.

                  there's no option to undelete a group because a group on its own is not interesting. You can restore it from a backup though if you know the group ID.

                  you can't delete a group unless it's empty.
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                    none of this explains why the machine is not syncing.. post the client log part which shows this.
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                      if you have a lab environment setup. Add 2 user groups to the device group with a user in each group. then go to user delete one of the users from one of the groups, then delete the group and try and view the device group properties.

                      You may say rogue admin but by just deleteing a user that was assigned to a device group should be an OK thing to do?
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                        yup. that's how to create it for sure - restore the group from the last backup of your database and you'll be working again.
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                          I think a bug has been discovered? does not happen with (second last release)
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