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    MBR overwritten - problem to recover data


      First of all I'm quite new to Safeboot, so please bare with me.

      Yesterday I installed anti-spyware tool called Spyhunter, which apparently messed around with the MBR. I couldn't boot up Windows XP anymore so I took a normal XP cd and went into the Recovery Console.

      Issued the "fixmbr" and "fixboot" commands - now it's saying "Cant find NTLDR - press CTRL-ALT-DEL to reboot". When I go back into the Recovery Console and do a "dir c:", I get a lot of unreadable characters so I'm assuming this is Safeboot kicking in and preventing me to recover my data ?

      Is there still a way to recover my data, and how would I (or our IT guys) do this ..?

      Safeboot version is 5.1.7 and I have a username + password if it would be needed.

      Thx in advance !!
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