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    Use Autodomain to create users.

      I'd like to use Autodomain to create a user account based on the machine name and then assign it to the machine. Any ideas on how this might work.
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          there's no function to do that at the moment other than for autoboot accounts.

          why would you want user names based on machine names though? I guess you're thinking of sharing accounts between users, but that breaks all the rules of accountability and audit...

          why not use the existing user names your users currently have?
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            the client I'm doing this with want to use a computer user account for endpoint encryption, I'm not entirely sure why at this point as it does defeat the purpose of security audits. I'm guessing they just want to create computer accounts and assign it to the machine to eliminate the need for user management on the endpoint encryption side. That is the biggest complaint I've gotten doing implementations.
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              true - people want to be secure but don't want to put the effort in - it's always surprised me because I've never found an end user who actually >minded< security measures once they were explained.

              I guess your customer can't be using a domain otherwise you'd be using their existing user ID's and passwords? You are right that an account which is not linked to an individual won't pass any compliance or legal audit.
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                You know the industry they are in is VERY controlled by the government as far as accountability and auditing is concerned. Ill bring that up on my tech to tech call tomorrow.
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                  Looks like what they are wanting to do is for about 13000 users that are mostly off the network they want to use a script to make user accounts that are machine specific as apposed to the one generic log on they currently use. Eventually they will have AD log on accounts for each user. They are currently using Autodomain for the groups that are on AD and want to upgrade to the newest version. What version would you recommend? I have heard/experienced issues with every version.
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                    the latest version has the newest issues ;-)

                    did you report any issues back to your platinum support people, or are you trying to implement it on your own?

                    no version will create mock accounts based on the user name so you're going to have to customize it to do what you want - AutoD is designed to use domain accounts. You can probably dump the entire user creation part of the script and re-write it to create the dummy account name for you.

                    It seems pretty simple. The system class will give you the computer name, you'll have to devise some method of telling the user what this is though.