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    SSO and Password expiration on Vista

      We seem to have an issue with EndPoint Single Sign On on Windows Vista. Password syncing/SSO all seems to be working fine but we have a problem when a user's password has expired.

      On a standard Windows Vista build without EndPoint installed we get the following prompt when logging on to a PC where the users domain password expired:

      "Your Password has expired and must be changed." By clicking on OK we get the standard Vista change password screen where we enter a new password and confirm and then proceed to login.

      However on a Vista build with EndPoint installed we receive a different prompt:

      "Logon Failure: The specified account password has expired". When we click OK we are presented with the McAfee EndPoint SSO credentials Dialogue box to provide single sign on credentials. Crucially we do not get the option to set a new password?

      I cannot understand why we are receiving two different prompts and not being given the opportunity to set a new password on an EndPoint encrypted PC?

      We have all the Windows Logon options configured on the server, prior to the password expiring the PBA and Windows passwords are in sync and single sign on is working as expected.
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