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    McAfee EPE 5.1.9 with Safeboot 4.2.12 DB


      I have installed McAfee End Point Encryption Suite 5.1.9 fresh on a server. Now i need to plug in the Safeboot object directory (Safeboot Database) to this server. Will it be possible?

      I would also then have to upgrade the client files from Safeboot Client 4.2 to 5.1 but changing the file group settings for each machine / machine group. Does any one share a point whether this will be possible as well?

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          you'll find this all documented in the 4>5 migration guide that's installed along with the v5 package, and can also be found on the distribution media.

          that should point you in the right direction. Note, that moving the DBServer between boxes could be easy or hard, depending on if your clients are looking for the server via IP or DNS name.
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            Thanks a lot for such a lightening reply!! :-)

            Well, everything is managed through DNS. Nothing is IP bound. My only fear is that the 4.2 DB should be compatible with the 5.1 server suite. I have started to copy my DB to test this but i am just curious to know what might happen.

            I shall refer to the document. Thanks a lot.
            • 3. Why 4.2.15?

              Just to add on the point, the document stresses on the fact that the old version should be atleast 4.2.15 to migrate to 5.1.9. Any reasons why?

              I have 4.2.12 DB.
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                Probably the answer to this should be given by SafeBoot Management.

                How ever in my environment i successfully migrated 4.2.12 to 5.1.3 without any gliches.

                all clients got new versions of files as per the defualt file set.
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                  Thanks... this is really wonderful. anyway, i am doing this intermediate test tomorrow morning where i plug my 4.2.12 DB to a 5.1.9 installation. It will be interesting to see what happens.

                  Also, i shall open this call with my McAfee TAM to know why its recomended (enforced rather) in their documentations to migrate first to 4.2.15 before 5.1.9. What could be the reason technically...

                  I shall keep you all posted with my findings on this thread...
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                    we don't test with anything older, that's why the only supported version is the last version of v4.

                    I can't see why it would make a difference as long as you're on SP2+ (4.2.7 or above), but as I say, we don't test anything other than the last version.

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                      Thanks a ton!! Now that gives me much boost to know and believe me your reply has set a possitive frame of mind i shall carry when i go to office tomorrow for my test!!


                      McAfee Rocks!!

                      Thanks again.
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                        Could you also share any challenges you faced during the client migration? What was the method you chose to migrate the clients? Was is to uncheck the 4.2.12 file sets and check the 5.1.3 file groups and synching the machine groups?

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                          FYI, I am toying with a script to automate this, it will be available as part of a proffessional services offering. If you're interested you might want to contact your account manager.
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