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    Windows 2008

      Will McAfee end point encryption work on windows 2008?

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          Yes it will.

          However, you might not want to encrypt a server with EEPC. Consider, if for any reason EEPC craps out, the PC in question is down, quite possibly terminally so. If the PC is a workstation, that's not too bad, you can always just re-image it; if the PC is a server, failure is probably not an option.

          I speak from bitter personal experience. We have decided to encrypt servers with BitLocker rather than EEPC because a) BitLocker is supported on servers whereas EEPC isn't (officially, that is) and b) it seems to work (which is handy).

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            your logic is interesting - are you saying that recovery of a bitlocker encrypted boot drive is easier than recovery of an EEPC encrypted boot drive?

            Or, are you encrypting the whole server with Bitlocker? from what I remember it used to only allow encryption of the system drive, not any others, but that may be out of date knowledge.
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              I'm not saying that recovery is easier, no. I am saying that BitLocker, to my knowledge, doesn't have a tendency to go splat and I've seen SafeBoot do that often enough that I no longer trust it where critical systems, e.g. servers, are concerned. Of course, BitLocker might turn round and bite me as well but at least MS do officially support it on servers.

              On Server 2008, Bitlocker will cheerfully encrypt any non-removable drive that has a drive letter.


              (I have an open ended, priority ticket for a flight to Rio for when BitLocker trashes a server; this is called contingency planning :))null