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    a few basic questions

      Hi , I'm a newbie , working with safeboot - about 35 laptops mostly vista , couple of win2ks.

      My problem is - what do you do is windows bluescreens (bsod ) to
      1) (most importantly) get data off the laptop
      2) fix windows

      The crux of the the matter is all the repair/ recover techniques at our disposal involve booting from some other device.
      Safeboot ( at least the way we have deployed it) does not allow this.

      is there a way to put the key in , and then boot a recovery disk?

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          you can boot of WinPE/BartPE and do all these things, or you can add the encryption drivers to your own Windows-based rescue media etc.

          it's all explained in the docs in the "recovery" directory, and you can get the info for WinPE2+ from your services team.
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            thats great , thanks, will dive into those docs now....
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              If you are referring to the wintech/safetech admin guide I have been reading that and to do anything you need an authorization code? Im still waiting to hear back from mcafee exactly how I go about getting this? - EDIT got code through my login on site

              are there any other docs I should know about?
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                however if i put these in a .reg file and run it i get "error accessing registry"

                and thats where i'm up to! help/suggestions welcome...:confused:
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                  did you import the PE hive file under the HKLM/SafeBoot key?

                  it's not the "real" safeboot key we are working with (thats under HKLM/currentcontrolset/safeboot), it's the fake key created as a placeholder for the merged in hive.

                  the instructions will work for any pe type environment, but Bart is the simplest. There's a script to do it for PE3 though which you can probably get from your prof services people.

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                    well ive managed to do it the easy way instead, got pebuilder and made a disk with the safeboot plugin in.

                    its now asking for the authorisation code mentioned by mkr09.
                    he says he got it through his login?
                    my login hasnt been authenticated as a genuine customer (although i am of course) so how will i get this?


                    edit: dont answer that , i've done the reading, found out how, and obviously i need proof of purchase , a "grant" number.
                    but as i'm working for the [edit, lets just say one of the biggest employers in the world] (at a remote oupost) , and the software is business-wide, the chances of ever finding this out are miniscule.
                    still , i'll try....