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    Question about user/machines groups

      As I trudge my way through learning how MEE works I have a couple questions regarding how you guys set up user and machine groups. We're ultimately going to have over 200 laptops in the system and except for a few exceptions (LOL) the devices are used by a single person - VP, Board member, etc... Do I want to put all those people into groups and assign each of their laptops to them? From what I've observed McAfee downloads all users assigned to a given machine to the local database on the client. I'm not sure if I want 30 Board members defined as valid users on all 30 laptops - I hope I'm explaining this correctly. It seems my only alternative is to create a "group" consisting of one user and the EE Administrators then assign that user's laptop to it. I'll end up with a couple hundred groups that way and I can see myself as having to micro manage the server. Or is it really no big deal to clog up the client database with a few dozen users who will never access a laptop that doesn't belong to them? :confused: