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      I have EEEM build 5600 installed and wanted to have a good luck at web helpdesk. Have read all about it in the admin guide and all seems fine.

      question is where is the install for it? Can I only get this with my grant number? dont recall seeing it when downloading EEEM
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          it's all built in - you already have it wink
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            Follow these instructions:

            This will get you up and running with the eval cert that comes with the software. If you want a perm cert you will need to either generate this with a corporate CA server or buy one from McAfee.

            Install Web Recovery Server

            Software installation

            During installation choose both:
            • SafeBoot Webrecovery server
            • SafeBoot Web user recovery

            Install SafeBoot HTTP Server service

            • Run MMC
            • Choose File/Add/Remove snap-in
            • Choose Add
            • Choose Certificates/Add
            • Choose Service account/next
            • Choose Local computer/next
            • Choose SafeBoot HTTP Server/Finish/Close/OK (If the option is not available you need to do the ‘start service’ first and try again)

            Import the evaluation SSL certificate

            Without a certificate, the ‘SafeBoot HTTP Server’ service will not start
            If you access the website from another browser you will get a certificate error message, but it will still work.

            Certificates can be created by SafeBoot Corp. with a lifetime of 1 year, but you only need a certificate if:
            a) the evaluation certificate has expired
            b) You do not want to get the certificate error message every time you access the site.

            Follow these steps:

            • Start MMC
            • Go to SafeBoot HTTP server /Personal
            • Click certificates
            • Right mouse click All Tasks/Import
            • Next
            • Browse to the certificate on the CD \Tools\http certificates (file type pfx)
            • Select the and click Open
            • Next
            • Password 12345
            • Next
            • Next
            • Finish
            • Restart the SafeBoot HTTP server service

            Start Service

            • C:\program files\SBAdmin\sbhttp -startservice

            Access the Webrecovery
            • Start internet explorer
            • Enter Https://ip-address server

            How to trust Control Break as an CA

            • Start internet Explorer
            • Go to Tools
            • Choose Internet Options
            • Choose Content
            • Click Certificates
            • Click import/next
            • Browse to Control Break International CA.cer on the CD under \Tools\http certificates
            • Open, next, next, Finish.

            How to order a certificate

            What is needed for SafeBoot to create a certificate
            The EXACT network name is needed of the machine on which the server is running, for example, if the address to the secure site for web recovery is https://www.Encrypt1.CS.companyname.com/ then SafeBoot needs to know
            Also the full name and address of the certificate contact person - this is the name SafeBoot will register the cert to.

            In summery we need the following info from the customer:

            Contact person
            Address of company
            Exact network name of server: e.g. Encrypt1.CS.companyname.com

            Importing the new certificate
            The customer will receive the certificate in a PFX format. The test certificate has to be removed and the new one imported according to the instructions above.
            Next, change the "Server.Ssl.CertName=" value in the sbhttp.ini and sbhttpAdmin.ini file to Encrypt1.CS.companyname.com, which is the name of the server.

            The certificate is chargeable
            If the customer wants a certificate from SafeBoot Corp. there is an annual charge. They can also buy the cert from somewhere else, but in this case we can offer no assistance for installing it.


            Problem with Web server after replacing database

            In order to have the Web tool working after replacing the database you need to change the Logon properties of the SBHTTP service to ‘This Account’, enter a valid user name and password, instead of Local System Account.

            After you have changed the items above, restart the SBHTTP Service and try again.
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              thanks guys got it all sorted
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                Just want to say, thanks very much for taking the time to document this properly. Mcafee should add this to their Admin guide. The current revision is missing important details. It also refers to a 'screenshot overleaf' which doesnt exist.