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    Errors due to SBFS file maxed out

      I am hoping that someone will be able to help out a bit with some issues we are having with our SafeBoot deployment.

      The problem seems to be due to a lack of planning in the design stage of the database. Before I came in to help, there were only 2 main user groups and 2 machine groups.

      I have now created about 15 new user & machine groups so that the original 2 can be split down abit which should help reduce the SBFS file.

      The user groups had 1600 and 600 users in and after about 5 months we were getting errors due to the SBFS file being full as it was left at the default 20Mb for the rollout.
      This is now causing major issues with lots of people not being able to log on, add new users etc.

      Errors in the log are like these below:

      Error processing user (ID=00000976): [e0050030] Client data store object not found

      Error processing user (ID=000004b4): [e0050035] Unable to create client data store object directory

      If I move the machine to a new group with fewer users attached, normally you see lots of users being removed and some free space in the SBFS. The user can then log in OK and everyone is happy.
      But on quite a few I moved yesterday, it doesn't remove any users and just does its normal synch with the errors in. I have even tried setting it to remove and also removing via SafeTech, all without success.

      All new installs are now getting 32Mb just to be on the safe side. The new groups are 5.1.9 which should update the machines we move into it from 5.1.5.

      Any help greatly appreciated as we have lots of very unhappy users at the moment.
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          Do you have all 2200 users assigned to every machine? I would recommend assigning your admins to every machine, and then using something like AutoDomain to only provision users that need access to that particular machine.
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            These are mainly desktops and people hotdesk around different sites so there is no easy way to have them sorted.

            They need to be able to log in at whatever site they go to.

            I would love to just have 1 user and a couple of admins assigned to each machine, but that is never going to happen so I have managed to break it down to about 15 user groups now and try to only have some of the groups assiciated instead of all of them.
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              I recommend doing the following to help performance in your situation:

              1. Keep the user audits as lean as possible. Run the dumpuseraudit command (daily) and clear all info that is more than ~15 days old).

              2. Take steps to minimize concurrency. You are going to have long sync times with all those users on each system. I'd have them delay sync on boot for 10 minutes + random of 180 minutes. Then set the regular sync interval to 360 minutes.

              For your problem, try doing a "reset to group config" on a single problem system after it has been moved to the group. The exact behavior of your problem depends on whether or not you are using controlled groups, so doing the reset to group config is just a double-check. In fact, I think concurrency could be the root of your problem. By default we can only handle 200 concurrent connections. So if you move 500 systems and do a force sync on all of them, you'll saturation all the connections. And since your syncs take a long time, those other 300 machines will time-out and won't sync until their next scheduled sync.
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                We already delay the synch, not by 180 mins but that would not be practical for some of our users as they just log on quickly and go.
                We are using controlled groups and have tried the "Reset to Group" with no effect on the problem.
                The PC does not remove any users or even decrypt if I put it in the uninstall group.

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                  If you are getting these errors:

                  Error processing user (ID=00000976): [e0050030] Client data store object not found

                  Error processing user (ID=000004b4): [e0050035] Unable to create client data store object directory

                  This means your local database on the client itself is corrupt, missing, etc.

                  You will need to do a SafeTech Emergency Boot, once in Windows run a manual Sync to rebuild the database... (could take some time with that many users) and then move the machines to the new groups with fewer users.

                  If the local database is corrupt, and you try to sync, it will not work because the sync doesnt know where to store the new information due to the corruption.

                  This has been my experience anyway.

                  My suggestion would be to do the following:

                  1.) take one of the problem machines, and run a SafeTech Emergency Boot on it to fix the local database corruption
                  2.) Once the emergency boot is complete (after it syncs fully in windows) move the machine to one of your new "fewer users groups" and then run a manual sync on that machine.

                  I bet it fixes your problem. Local database corruption is bound to happen once you start maxing out the available free space of the local database.
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                    I should add, that if scm.ini is set correctly, an eboot will rebuild SBFS at the new size rather than the original.
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                      Thanks for that. I have already tried an Emergency Boot on one of the machines, but I just got the error e0020007 Error reading disk sector when I try to run it.

                      This is a message we always seem to get when trying to perform and emergency boot or to remove SafeBoot via SafeTech or WinTech. This happens on all PC's so I do not believe it is a real HDD problem. We get it on brand new PC's as well.
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                        Just a question, but as I cannot seem to do a successful Emeergency Boot, is it not possible to copy a file from another machine in the same group etc and do it that way? I imagine not, but thought I would ask the question as we have a lot of PC's with this problem and Emergency Boots always come up with e0020007 Error reading disk sector on any PC I try it on.

                        Is there something else that could be causing that error?
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                          no, you must use the right machine object - no other will work.
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