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    SB Credential Provider and SSO

      I have a little problem with SSO on Vista machines.

      If I install EEPC and then install Novell ZENworks, SSO works fine.
      If I install Novell ZENworks and then EEPC, SSO doesn't work.
      I get the same results when installing to XP but in XP I can fix the problem by editing the SB-OrigGinaDLL registry value and setting it to msgina.dll. Is it possible for me to do something equivalent in Vista?

      Before anyone says anything, I know the problem is with Novell's CP that they install but that's an argument I'm having elsewhere :)

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          As vista supports multiple login providers at the same time, SSO is currently only supported with the Microsoft CP. We don't currently offer an option for SSO with the Novell CP. It would be a feature request if you needed it.
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            Frankly, I don't want the Novell CP period but that's part of the agressive negotiations :)I'm having with Novell...

            What I was after was how SafeBoot decides which CP to hand off to for SSO and how I could point it at the MS CP rather than the Novell CP. I'm assuming that SafeBoot makes a note of the current CP when it installs, in much the same way as it does when you install under XP. And I'm hoping that I can tell it to use the MS CP rather than whatever it has detected and thus get SSO to work despite Novell.

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              it only connects to the MS CP, so if you pick one of the EEPC tiles then it should SSO in for you.

              you'll get tiles for EEPC, Novell and Windows on your screen.
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                Hmmm... I only see two tiles in the logon screen, one for a smartcard - which we don't use yet - and one for a password.

                When I logon with a password, I just want to ensure that SafeBoot uses the MS CP for SSO and ignores anything else that might be cluttering up the place.