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    Safeboot on Macs

      I have heard that there are plans to release MEE for Macs sometime next year but does anyone know if Safeboot will run without issues on Parrallels.
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          I don't see why not - it runs on VM fine. I don't have a (working) mac to hand unfortunately otherwise I'd try it out.
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            OK. So is it official. MACs are supported for MEE for PC and File & Folder? Or is there a road-map?

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              what's official? support for MAC's? sure as they are just good looking intel platforms nowadays. An intel Mac laptop runs the supported OS's just as well as any Dell etc device.

              The original question was not about Mac's, it was about parallels virtualization? Not sure how the two are related.
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                Agreed. But McAfee's datasheet nowhere shows it supports Mac or Linux. By official, I am saying is there any formal statement from McAfee documented which says McAfee MEE supports Mac platform like they say for Windows, mobile and palm platform.

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                  It's an odd question to ask - we don't normally mention any specific platforms on the data sheets, only the required operating systems. If you are using one of those, then we would expect to fully support it. Windows Mobile is an operating system, Palm is a hardware platform (which can run Windows Mobile or PalmOS) - Mac is the PC hardware range from Apple, which is like asking if we support Dell, Acer, iMate etc.

                  Are you sure you don't mean "do we support Mac OSX"? - if so, not for the EEPC/EEFF products at this time, they are only available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista etc. If you are asking "if I buy hardware from Apple and install Windows ..., is that supported", then of course, as Windows ... is supported, and we don't normally have any hardware vendor limitations (for EEPC/EEFF).

                  What you are asking for is the same of BMW giving you a list of gas stations you can use - as long as its 89+ ron, it does not matter - same for us - if you are using a supported OS, then the product designed for that OS will work. The platform shouldn't matter at all.

                  Saying that, there are certainly some obscure virtualization products that we've not tested with, which I can imagine might or might not work - Parallels, though not obscure, falls into that category.

                  Since VM and Microsoft Virtual Machine works without any problems though, as I said earlier, I would not expect a problem.
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                    I am sorry. I got my answer. I was actually asking about "Mac OSX". Thanks a lot.

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                      Hi, Can you manage a MAC system when running MEE Manager on Windows?

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                        Not at this time. There is no EEPC client for Mac yet.

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                          read up the thread - do you mean an Apple computer running Windows, or an Apple computer running OSX? We already have products for Apple hardware running Windows OS's...


                          the OSX port of EEPC will be in Beta soon, if your company is qualified you could perhaps get on the early-beta list (speak to your account manager, they should be able to put you in touch with the right teams).