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    SSO is killing me

      Hello! I've been reading other forum posts and perusing endless PDF's trying to get my Endpoint Encryption enabled test laptop to log in using one set of credentials. My boss doesn't want the end user to have to key in their user name and pw more than once. No matter what I do I always have to key in "12345" at the boot screen login before Windows will launch. Then, I'm prompted again for my Windows credentials. The laptop is part of a domain and I have a cached profile already on it. From what I've been reading it shouldn't be that hard to get this thing to prompt only once for a login and password. Within the laptop's properties on the EE server I have the following boxes checked:

      Attempt Auto login, EE Login Component always active, Set EE password to Windows password, Must match Windows user name, Do not display previous user name at logon, Disable check for autoboot. I've tried a combination of other checkboxes to no avail. Am I just being a noob and missing something simple? Is there a link to some useful tips besides the PDF's that I already have? Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!!
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          Call support?

          Seriously, tick all the Windows Login boxes, sync the machine, login, and sync, check the SSO details got sent up to the database (right click your user account).

          if it does not work, what OS are you using and if XP, what Gina?

          are you using short names or UPNs?
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            Ok, I ticked all the Windows Logon boxes but before I sync'd I right clicked on my user name and chose "Set SSO Details" and cleared the info out of there. I had put my user name and domain in during troubleshooting efforts (left pw blank). I then sync'd the laptop and saw the changes in the status window. Rebooted. Logged in and still had to use 12345. This time though I locked the workstation and when I unlocked it I had a McAfee login box, not a MS one. I used my domain password and it was accepted. Rebooted again. Voila! I was able to use my domain password at boot up and Windows bypassed the MS login window. Only one login!! Woot!! Thanks!

            Oh, we use short names and pretty much all the laptops are XP SP2/3 with the regular MS GINA.
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              glad I could help.

              it will pick up the password on the next change event.

              you can also automate this prior to the first reboot using the AutoDomain script (it will do the whole user provisioning thing for you)