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      What would cause this command to fail halfway through with an "Object Not Found" error?

      we ran the command, it started dumping users to a file that we told it too.... everything wsa going smooth, and then it just stopped. It says:

      Command Result:

      Command = dumpusersbygroup
      ResultCode = 0xdb010010
      ResultDescriptiong = Object Not Found
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          You might have an orphaned user - try clicking on the parent users group, then click on Groups -> Group scan -> then direct it to dump any found objects to an unused container (if you don't have one, create one - it'll be easier to see what was missing).
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            maybe someone wiped a machine while it was busy dumping the group?
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              Tried group scan... nada.

              This is not just one machine... its a lot of machines... and users. I get the same result on user and group scans.
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                I have the same problem. I'm dumping ALL user groups by using the wildcard "*".


                The scripting happily dumps all the users in my first user group and then returns and Object not Found after dumping the last object. It's as though it's failing at the point where it would begin dumping the 2nd group. However, I can dump the 2nd group with no problem if I run DumpUsersByGroup just on that container.


                Strange. Has anyone ever resolved this? I've done a Group Scan which returned no Orphan Objects. I can only assume there is a 'Phantom' Object in the Object Directory which cannot be read or found but has left some sort of ID behind?

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                  Ok. I just fixed it. I realised that the problem container was the first container that was being dumped. I found this out by trying to run the DumpUsersByGroup just against that container and received the "Object Not Found" error after is seemingly dumped all the objects that can be seen in the GUI.


                  So.....I then ran CleanUpUserGroup against the problem container and sure enough, the output confirmed the deletion of a corrupt object


                  >>> ***** Object (ID=00016941) is invalid *****
                  >>> Removing 1 invalid objects from group
                  >>> Finished (861 valid, 1 removed)


                  Now, it dumps no problem.


                  Odd really as the manual states that CleanUpUserGroup is only required prior to SafeBoot 4.0 SP2a but I've never run this object directory on any SB version below 4.2.11.


                  Hopes this helps someone else out.

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                    That is very true. Corruption occurs also in 5.x. I have seen those.