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    SafeBoot and DHCP

      Hi All,

      We are currently on static IP and are planning to move to DHCP. What are the considerations with regard to SafeBoot? Will SafeBoot support DHCP? Will we need to change the SafeBoot server / client configurations?
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          are you saying you set a fixed ip for the server when you deployed your clients, rather than changing it to the server DNS name?

          If so then you're going to have to do some work to transition. You would be best off contracting professional services to help you through this as you need to touch each and every machine.

          If you are already using a DNS name for your sever, then it won't matter, the DNS name will follow the IP address (if your DNS/DHCP is set up correctly anyway).
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            Thanks! I will check the configuration and revert.
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              I would suggest leaving your server static and if you want to change your clients to DHCP then there is nothing you would need to do.

              Keep server static

              Set clients to DHCP

              You need nothing else.