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    DefSCM Question

      Is there any way to make the DefSCM.ini file customized to specific Machine Groups?

      Since the MEE Client Installation Wizard uses DefSCM to customize the SCM file, before installation on a client machine, it cannot be made a File Group. For that matter it cannot be included in the default client installation File Group because the SCM is packaged in the Install Set. The only alternative I can see is to add the DefSCM.ini to the MEE Manager root folder on the server, create the install set for the specific Machine Group, and remove it from the root folder afterwards. I guess the SCM.ini file can be edited on the client machine right before reboot and first synchronization manually or by SMS, Tivoli, ect..

      Is there any other options through the API? It would be nice to make customized DefSCM files with separate variables for different Machine Group requirements.
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          what aspect of defscm do you need to be group specific?

          you could always create a merge ini and put it in a file group instead of using defscm.ini - you'll end up with the same result, but that will be specific when you apply that file set to a group (or not).
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            Say for example that I want to have different minutes set for delay synchronization after initial client install and first reboot for each Machine Group. I assume that this can only be set on the DefSCM.ini on the MEE Manager root folder or by editing the SCM.ini file before first reboot and synchronization. If I used a merge.ini file it would have to synchronize the very first time which would defeat the purpose. Do I put the merge.ini in the Default Client Files Group. What if I wanted to set the size of the SBFS differently for each Machine Group? I would have to use SafeTech Emergency Boot to reset the size after install correct?
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              nothing through the api itself, but as you say we are only talking about adding a line to an ini file, so you could do that with anything.

              We've never had anyone who wanted a group specific defscm.ini before, but if you are creating unique install sets for each group, it would seem minimally more effort to edit defscm.ini prior to the creation of each one?
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                I agree with you. Needed to know all my options.

                Thanks! happy