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    Uninstalling MEE from ePO 4 w/p4

      Good Morning.


      - packaged the install set to deploy through ePO

      - deployed MEE from ePO by deployment task

      - restarted system for the changes to take effect

      - MEE sync with MEE console

      - When tried uninstalling MEE from ePO - it says "Can't get uninstall command from plugin area"

      - When checked the registry "HKLM/Software/Network Associates/ePolicy Orchestrator/Application Plugins/SB_7310" - uninstall command " not supported "

      Does that mean I can only deploy the s/w through ePO but can't uninstall it from ePO. Only I can do from MEE MC?

      - A
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          Never mind..got my answer. I think the s/w is designed that way to only deployment is possible through ePO but not the un-install. Because it needs decryption prior to removal and the only good way to do that is through MEE console till it fully integrated into ePO:D Correct me if I am wrong:confused:

          Thanks everyone.

          - A