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    Supported OS


      from reading data sheet its unclear to me if 64 bit XP all variants is supported in endpoint encryption manager 5600 is supported? and when will windows 7 be supported?

      can you let me know?
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          Windows XP 64 bit is not supported.

          Windows 7 is officially not released, therefore officially not supported yet.
          Testing showed that for now it works. We expect to support this product shortly after the release from Microsoft.
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            will windows XP 64bit ever be supported?
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              Not as far as I know, somehow my feeling is that XP-64 isn't a mature product.
              Vista 64, Server 2K3, 2K8 are all supported in 64-bit, XP-64 works differently.
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                if you have a requirement for XP-64 feel free to let your account manager know. We have no plans to make it at the moment as the world-wide user base for us is tiny. If you have a lot of machines we might reconsider, and of course if you wanted to pay for a special version, again that can be put in the pot for consideration.

                XP64 was pretty niche when it came out, it never really went anywhere once Vista was launched. The non-professional version only works on Itanium processors, and people stopped shipping desktops with those in back in 2005.

                Of course you may have a million machines running it so please let us know what kind of volume you need protection for.