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    First Use of VirusScan USB on new Scandisk Cruzer

      The software is already installed on the U3 launchpad. When I click on the icon, it opens a window telling me to register, as, without registration, it won't work.

      So I complete the registration info, and the screen changes to a wobbly green bar telling me that registration is taking place.

      Eventually, after say 1 minute of this, the window goes blank and stays blank.

      If I go into Task Manager at this point, I'm told that the process "McVsUSB.exe" is running. There is no application running. When I hover over the M icon in the sytem tray, it tells me that McAfee virusscan USB is not registered.

      I'm running Vista Ultimate.

      Any suggestions as to how I can move on this process a bit?

      How should the program work when fully installed? Do I get an appilcation screen with virus scanning options? I assume this is a trial, so is it actually running, or doing anything?

      Etc, etc ...

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          Please try to launch the registration wizard by right-clicking the black M icon in system tray. Then select "Open VirusScan USB". You can also try ejecting the device and re-inserting it, which should also launch registration wizard.

          The program is preinstalled. But you need to register it with your account to activate the 30-day trial.

          if you continue to get the blank page again, then please let me know.

          I apologize for the inconvenience.

          Tejash Patel
          McAfee VirusScan USB
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            I just downloaded the McAfee VirusScan USB from Sandisk Software Central website and installed it on my U3 USB device on Vista Business machine.

            The registration went through successfully and the product got activated successfully.

            Please try again and let me know if you still get the registration issue.

            Tejash Patel
            McAfee VirusScan USB