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    U3 Trial period

      I just purchased a SanDisk 2 gig key with U3. It comes with McAfee. What should the initial term of the updates be? It says it expires in one month. Is this right? I have another, much older key, from Memorex that one of the T3s here was helping me upgrade to the current level but it also only gives me one month now, not 12 as he thought.
      Any ideas?
      Also, I was sad to see that the new engine only supports scanning the key. In the original one, it would scan the computer it was plugged into. That is why I bought it; I help people with their computers and I wanted to be able to scan an infected computer. It appears maybe Avast will do this but you have to pay for a license to activate this. Does McAfee have a U3 AV option like this? Thanks, Tom

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          You probably got one with the tail end of a trial version of McAfee USB.

          The duration of that trial is between you and the vendor.

          More info in the stickies at the top of this forum and here: http://us.mcafee.com/root/package.asp?pkgid=269

          You can always go for another 30 day trial.
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            It's interesting that SanDisk just says to check with McAfee and I suspect if you go to the regular McAfee support (the free chat or telephone support) they will say they know nothing of this product (try it just for fun). I think I will go to Avast as their product seems to have more function but I will try McAfee and do some more searching for a few days. Tom
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              Did you try activating it? If so, what does it then say for expiry?
              It's your choice of course.
              • 4. expiration date is one month
                1/20/2008, ie one month. Tom
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                  My Sandisk U3 only came with a 1 month trial too, now that I think back.
                  Unfortunately that seems to be the norm with McAfee USB.
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                    Yeah, the same case. I've downloaded the trial version and was going to purchase license but U3 version can't scan host PC! The program informs that "If you want to scan hast pc install non u3 version". So why then selling u3 version? The whole idea is to use it as an ADDITIONAL scanner not as the only one. :(

                    I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED with McAfee! Is it any way to make the U3 version scan host pc?

                    Tom, as for Avast! it allows to scan host pc. I've installed both Avast and McAfee on the same U3. It works fine. But Avast! is also trial.
                    • 7. USB U3 McAfee useless
                      I can't figure out why that after McAfee decided to take the "scan the PC" function out of their U3 program, that they kept up the product at all. It's really worthless like it is. The Avast is not very expensive and it will scan the PC. The only question is how good it is. I have used it and it did find some problems so for those situations where you know the machine is infected, it is a good thing to do first, I think.
                      I just finished helping a lady with her laptop and she has McAfee installed but after 4 years things are confused and the only solution I was able to get from McAfee was to uninstall everything and reinstall just the 7.2 application. But since the lady couldn't find her paperwork from more thant 18 months ago, I am not sure she can reinstall and get her 14 or so months left on the 3 year deal she paid for. I feel for companies like McAfee having to deal with the public but it's a mess trying to get help from them. Thanks, Tom
                      • 8. RE: USB U3 McAfee useless
                        I've gone back to the beginning of 2007 and still can't find any reference to it ever scanning more than just the removable drive.

                        It is specifically designed for use only with the removable drive. I can understand the logic behind that as it could easily clash with other onboard A/V if it were designed for a wider application.
                        • 9. U3 Scanner
                          If you bought a U3 Enabled key from at least Memorex about 12-18 months ago, the McAfee antivirus did scan the whole PC. I really think this scanner did not come from McAfee but rather was something they got from a 3rd party. That's just what I got from trying to find out why they wouldn't support the earlier version, U3 Anti-Virus v1.0. The versions past this one did not scan the whole PC. The funny (ok, tragic) thing was that Memorex wouldn't tell me anything about it, just said talk to McAfee and everyone I talked to driectly either by phone or chat said that McAfee did not make a U3 product at all. They had nothing in their database about it. I was not until I got on these forums and had a very helpful McAfee employee help me (and he did know all about v1.0 scanning the whole pc) get it working again but then I realized it didn't scan the whole PC again. So now I just use Avast. Thanks, Tom
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