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    McAfee VirusScan USB

      I am a McAfee customer and I want to protect my U3 thumb drive. When i try to log in on the program, it always gives me an error signal. Can you help me activate the program?
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          Do you mean log in to your McAfee account at their website, or log into your U3 drive? Once installed on your U3 drive McAfee doesn't require log in but if you've set a password for the drive then you'll have to follow whatever instructions it has for lost passwords.

          Moved this from VirusScan Mobile to VirusScan USB.

          Post what errors you are getting.
          • 2. it worked
            Thanks for the reply. I figured out later that it was my Internet connection. . .but McAfee USB is now working on my U3 thumb drive. I appreciate your help.
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              Glad it's OK. I was thinking that it's pretty hard to mess up VirusScan USB!!:)
              I'll mark this thread solved.