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    Need USB Program to Scan Local Drives

      I don't have a problem paying for Anti-Virus Updates (which, offhand, to be honest, appears to be the only reason behind shifting to this new version), but I do have a need to have a program on the USB Drive that can scan for viruses on the host computer's hard drives, which I used to have. Will this be implemented in the near future, perhaps for an extra charge, or will I need to pay for and use a different USB Anti-Virus Program (Avast!)?
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          Sadly we have not heard that what you are requesting has been put on the drawing board for Mcafee's U3's program. This is also my biggest request - that and turning off updating.
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            Current version of McAfee VirusScan USB scans host PC memory and USB File System. It doesn't support scanning the local drives on host PC.

            There are different versions of McAfee Desktop products which provide this functionality.

            We will update the forum if there are any plans to add "scanning local drives of host PC" functionality in to McAfee VirusScan USB.

            Tejash Patel
            McAfee VirusScan USB
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              What a pity!
              I just don't understand why antivirus companies try to prevent using their products (officially!) as a secondary antivirus. How can I install desktop version of your AV if it requires to Uninstall all other AVs from my PC? U3 version is great particularly because it allows to be installed on the PC with other AVs...

              Very disappointing... Portable AV is a huge market in the near future. But not for restricted products as this u3 edition. sad
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                You're posting to a thread which is almost a year old... Not sure if I understand you, but it is not necessary to uninstall AV applications frmo your PC if you also have one on the U3. It's only necessary if you want to install a 2nd AV application on a PC which already has an AV application. Two AV aplications will cause conflicts; no matter which manufacturer's application it is... If one AV tries to scan a file, the other wants to do it too. Then we don't even talk about the firewalls and other anti-whatever-applications that usually comes with an AV suite....
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