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    U3 McAfee scan-engine

      Hello, I have McAfee U3 Anti-Virus version It came with my "Hama USB 2.0 Flashpen Mini U3, 2 GB" drive.

      Why work McAfee U3 with scan-engine 4.3.20 ?
      When will it updating to 4.4.00 or better 5.1.00 ?

      Thanks for answer.
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          Hi Ego,

          The next version of McAfee VirusScan USB (v2.0) will include the updated 5.1.00 scan engine and daily DAT updates.

          This product is currently in development. An update will be posted to this forum section when the release is made publically available.

          Hope this helps.
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            Hello Colin Delaney,

            thank you for this information.

            If you search a beta-tester for the next version of U3 McAfee VirusScan USB (v2.0), send the conditions to my email address.

            Thanks in advance!
            Yours sincerely,
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              Hello all,

              excuse me, my english is bad, but I hope you understand me.

              In McAfee U3 (v1.0) can replace the scan-engine 4.3.20 with engine 4.4.00.

              Step 1) for example; rename "AV_1.0.0.7.u3p" to "AV_1.0.0.7.zip"
              Step 2) unzip it
              Step 3) in the folder ...\Data\AV\ replace the SCAN.EXE (4320) with SCAN.EXE (4400)
              Step 4) in the same folder in the file "engine_md5sum.txt" use for SCAN.EXE "md5sum"
              Step 5) make again a zip-file with the folders Data, device, host and Manifest
              (but true a zip not a renamed rar)
              Step 6) uninstall the old U3-McAfee (v1.0)
              Step 7) eject the U3 drive and reconnect it
              Step 8) install the changed version McAfee U3

              Though the program-windows show 4320, the engine 4.4.00 works correct now.

              Have fun!
              • 4. Wrong File Really

                I believe scan.exe is a command line scanner.

                The file you really want to replace is MCSCAN32.DLL, this is what is used by the GUI I believe.

                I'm not sure what the proper md5sum check sum code for this would be.

                But why would you want to use 4.4.00 when you could do the same thing with 5.1.00 ??

                Geek w/o Portfolio
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                  Hello timclark,

                  many thanks, I've forget it.
                  All replaced files are 26.10.2004 04:40
                  5d2b5a3ea032cd55f751ccbb6e8a46eb *LICENSE.DAT
                  e0824f9b077e6ceb5d10769f4f410118 *MCSCAN32.DLL
                  c103a586c2db47925bdda381ac74203e *MESSAGES.DAT
                  509043caf172e8fc09bc97459a5fff0d *SCAN.EXE

                  Engine 5100 no work in this way.

                  Best regards,
                  • 6. Why not?

                    Not that I'm telling you to do it,
                    But why do you think 5.1.00 would not work?

                    Geek w/o Portfolio
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                      I have no answer.
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                        Hello all,

                        5.1.00 will work now! Unfortunately, cause was my bad work.

                        I find out, all this files ("LICENSE.DAT", "MCSCAN32.DLL",
                        "MESSAGES.DAT", "SCAN.EXE" and also "engine_md5sum.txt")
                        must have exact the same date. (take SpeedCommander)
                        The important date is 09.06.2006 05:00 (day.month.year).

                        Write in "engine_md5sum.txt":
                        31645972b5e4dff911d6b87acdd53951 *LICENSE.DAT
                        d5fa1043da20f12373b529e3ccdaafb0 *MCSCAN32.DLL
                        61c87a139ea41730947ff4b6d218176a *MESSAGES.DAT
                        c0a112346ac303d04c5f47aa97cada83 *SCAN.EXE

                        Have fun!
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                          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

                          Best wishes from me
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