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    No MEE Icon Appears in Taskbar

      We recently began using the McAfee Endpoint Encryption and I have noticed when we reimage computers, the MEE icon never appears by itself and our network admin states that EPO is not talking to the server. What can I do to get the EPO agent to talk to the server and get the MEE process started? Does anyone know what may be causing this to happen?
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          We are also experiencing issues with the tray icon, but ours appears but you are unable to sync as the option isnt there.

          We are running 5.1.7
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            I don't know the exact answer for this but can give you directions on where to look furhter... It would be of course the best if someone from McAfee would jump on this question.

            Once I've booted to Windows while keeping "Shift" pressed after I've entered the user's credentials in Windows. This one I've done, because the PC of the user became unbearably slow during the initial encryption. Doing this made the icon appear, but the log wasn't showing at all. Also, no synchronization was possible at that time.
            The feature mentioned above is meant to bypass some startup items as specified in a Microsoft article titled "How to fix a computer that won't start" located at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/support/nostart.mspx

            "How to troubleshoot logon problems
            After you click your user account or type your password, immediately press the SHIFT key and hold it until your desktop and taskbar are visible. Holding down the SHIFT key stops programs from loading automatically, and it is probably one of these programs that is causing your problem. Once you are able to log on successfully, you can change the programs that run automatically and remove the program that is causing the problem.

            So I guess that one of the Safeboot related processes don't start for you.

            Possibly you could use AutoRuns from Sysinternals and compare its output with one of the systems where the icons shown properly. After that you might want to investigate the Windows Event Logs to find out what's going on.
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              first thing to check is if the client is even installed? From the original posters description it would seem the most likely possibility that the software isn't even there.
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                Do you have DLP software installed as well? First check if the s/w is installed as suggested by Safeboot, if you see the files in ( /program files/mcafee/end point encryption ), then it should be installed. Reboot to see if the icon comes up.

                If not, try re-instaling the s/w. The easy way :)

                - A
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                  Hm, that's also possible... (didn't notice this possibility...)

                  To find out if it's installed, you might want to check if the file c:\program files\Safeboot\sbclientlog.txt file contains any recent entries.