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    Keyboard Issue

      I have had serveral issue on this all at random, external keyboard is very sensitive only when using docking station. When entering character it may type that letter, number, symbol etc multiple time. Is there any fix on this issue?
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          I assume you're speaking about Dell laptops ;)

          The only fix that has worked for me until now is that you connect the keyboard to the USB ports on the laptop's right side. The laptop can still be booted in a docked state, just that you connect mouse & keyboard to the laptop instead of the docking station's ports.

          Another issue where I'm having issues with are wireless keyboards&mice. Does anyone know any advice on that one? I have the impression they are quite instable with Safeboot.
          • 2. Found a fix that works
            Yes is it for a Dell....... I was able to find a fix after messing around with it for about 3 hours, this one really got me. Enable USB emulation in the BIOS and it worked, if it is already enable disable it and reboot then reenable it, should work like a charm! As for the wireless keyboard and mouse not sure I did the same thing and it did not work for me. Im still messing around with it and provide any fix that I may find. :cool: FYI I have tried this on 4 PCs so far and no issues.
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              We've seen this fixed by enabling the "Always enable pre-boot USB support (auto otherwise)" option in Encryption Manager for the machine group.

              Although this does seem to break ability to enter safemode...