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    Swapping hard drives

      Just a quick one really. We've recently implemented MEE over a range of laptops throughout the business. i.e. different models.

      If, for instance, one of the laptops died (for whatever reason... lets say faulty motherboard) would we be able to take the SafeBooted HDD and put it into another machine without any issues?

      I guess what I'm asking is, does SafeBoot/MEE rely on anything to link it to the hardware it was initially installed on? I'm thinking serial number, or MAC address, or something like that. A unique identifier.

      Hope that makes sense! Just let me know if any clarification is required.



      (Ps. I've used SafeBoot and MEE interchangeably above for simplicity. We actually run MEE 5, 1, 9, 0.)
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          as long as you've not enabled pre-boot virus detection or used the TPM chip as a token, yes you can move a drive between like hardware.
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            Just a note from a ticket I worked on today...

            Had a laptop's motherboard croak this morning and it was encrypted with McAfee EE. We did have the virus option enabled and so it gave a virus warning when we swapped to a machine of the same hardware. I don't know if this is official, but I was able to use SafeTech and do an emergency boot and everything worked fine after that.

            If you require the virus protection then it seems there is still a way to do it without too much effort. I cannot comment on TPM as we don't use that.
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              eboot was really not the best choice - you should have simply reset the int13 vector.

              it would have taken a lot less time and is far less risky. happy
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                Ah sorry about the misinformation then... since I had no idea what resetting the int13 vector did... you can imagine that sounded riskier ;)

                Slightly off-topic, but what are the dangers of eboot in that circumstance?
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                  eBoot puts things back how they were when the machine object was last updated, so if the user has done anything naughty, like repartitioned the drive, this can get undone.

                  In the documents directory in your EEM install there's a manual for SafeTech/WinTech which tells you what the options do.