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    General Information Regarding Password Synchronization

      Hi all,

      I'm looking for some general information regarding a problem with password synchronization. Please excuse my beginners knowledge here as I'm not the main contact for our Safeboot product but am rather doing some digging on our own. For reference, we are using Safeboot Endpoint Encryption v5.1.3

      We seem to be experiencing difficulties in how the local Safeboot database updates its password to a newly changed AD password. Our main examples are when a user logs in and their password has expired or is about to expire and they go to change it. Once changed, I was under the impression (and I may be wrong) that the SB client (on a scheduled delay, in our case, every 60 minutes) attempts to update the local Safeboot database with the new password change.

      Quite often though, when a user restarts their system, Safeboot either recognizes the old password still or doesn't recognize either password at all. It probably doesn't help that after changing their password, some of are users may not completely restart their systems at the end of the day, rather they simply log out or lock the systems and it could remain this way for multiple days. We seem to be wasting a lot of time having to work with users on User Recovery methods to synchronize the two passwords together.

      I'm hoping maybe anyone has some general advice on if we are even right in assuming how synchronization occurs or if anyone maybe has some good tips or good practice methods. I'll try to provide as much information as I can if requested further

      Thanks all!