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    Remove Auditlog.dat while in windows.

      Hey guys, I searched the forums but haven't found an answer to this one. The fix for the insufficient memmory error is to boot to the wintech CD, mount the SBFS, and delete the auditlog.dat file.

      My question to you is, if I use the PE disk, load it while still in windows, mount the SBFS using the Safeboot Wintech program from the PE disk (WHILE STILL BOOTED IN WINDOWS) then remove the auditlog.dat file, will this break anything?

      I have heard of people removing that logfile while still booted into windows and it seems to work fine, and fixes errors but we are cautious because we haven't heard any official word about if mounting the SBFS while windows is loaded could hurt anything else. Does anyone have any insight on this? Any suggestions?

      The reason that we are pursuing this is because we would like to be able to remove that data file remotely, instead of going to each PC to fix the problem as it comes along. Any help would be appreciated!

      We are using Safeboot V5.1.2