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    Database Full


      I currently have a database size of 19.91mb which was my initial install when the product was known as Safeboot (At the time not public known knowledge that you could increase the database size). However since the sbfs has become full (approx 2400 users).

      This is therefore resulting in errors when trying to synchronise clients error code:
      e0050035 – Unable to create client data store object directory

      From reading another post I understand you can increase the size of the database and create a new installation set for this. I have done this sucessfully by:

      => In the "SbAdmin" folder create a file called "defscm.ini". This file holds pre-set parameters used in the SCM.ini file.
      => This file should contain:

      However this is not going to be a work around for this issue. We currently have over 1300 laptops that I would therefore need to recall decrpyt and then run the new installation set on to increase the database size.

      Has anyone else come across this issue and is there any other solutions to resolve this issue and the above one is not going to be feasible.

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          why do you need so many user per machine?

          do you really have 2400 users using EACH machine?

          the network load and server load must be unbelievable!
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            I should add that no, it's not possible to remotely rebuild SBFS. You'd need to do an emergency boot on each machine.
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              Network load and server load is not much of a problem as only around a 10th of the clients at most will be connected at one time as well as it is only set to synchronise every 60 minutes with a preboot delay of 1-60 minutes.

              Thanks for the response anyway. I would consider creating other groups but the issue is a user could potentially need to login any laptop in the trust.
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                I'm not sure how deep you are into this roll out but the way we have it setup is we have helpdesk accounts, local site IT accounts and the user who owns the machine. We use a script to do this on install. We went thru the same thing you did but we only had 200 users at the time we made the change. Initial sync was painful. Secondly, the nice thing about not having 2400 users on a machine is it adds some security.
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                  Thanks for the response, we have almost completed the rollout, however we have alot of users in the database that have never logged into a laptop so these will be removed to free space as a temporary measure.