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      I've been playing with the "local-recovery" option with version 5.1.9. It looks very useful, and is very easy to use. In fact the only thing I don't like about it is it's location. It would be a lot more user friendly if it were just a button on the initial login screen. Didn't really have a question, just wanted to vent...
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          I too wish that the recovery process was all buttons on the splash screen rather than having to cancel the logon dialog box and then click options and go to recovery etc... can be confusing to some users.

          not us superior IT folks but to granny maples down the street yes happy
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            I haven't seen 5.1.9 as we use 5.1.7 but in that version I could not use the local recovery option with smartcard tokens, has this been improved? (the local recovery attempts to offer a user the facility to reset their password........smartcard users do not have passwords).

            The ideal scenario for smartcard users would be (following successful authentication using local recovery) to call the boot machine once function.