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    EEFF and Network Encryption

      Hi all, first of all apologize for my bad english. I´ve got a problem with EndPoint Encryption File&folders. I had set in my EndPoint FF Policy a UNC path in a lab environment (encrypted folder for FF clients). This shared folder contains over 10 Gigabytes of data (+90000 small files). This lab environment contains a EndPoint Server (PC and File&Folders) and three clientes (EEPC & EEFF), I review logon of client machine (xp) with FileMon (Sysinternals Suite), and review that all files in this shared folder (complain encrypted policy) are in open/read/write operation continuosly (this occurs in one machine but I suppose that this occurs in all clients that have this EEFF policy)
      In a production environment, I see a big performance risk in EEFF clients and and file server disk (operation of read / write continuously).
      Anyone have this problem? There is some additional configuration that is not done?

      problem summary:
      -shared encrypted folder -UNC path (default encryption key)
      -folder exclusions in this shared encrypted folder (no encryption key)
      -File and folders encryption policy ( \\server\folder\ --allfoldersandfiles except exclusions)
      -File and folder client (key saved locally and automatically encrypt-save and read these files)

      Thanks in advance.