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    Emergency Boot

      I am trying to perform an emergeny boot to repair Error [e0050043]: Unable to open client data store attribute after using a34.

      I am unable to boot untill i am authenticated.

      I cannot authenticate from Users as none now exists after deleting audit.dat

      How do i authenticate from database?

      Do i need to create a file from safeboot admin tools?

      Thanks guys
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          yes, you need to dump the machine from SBAdmin and use that whenever you want to use the EBoot function.
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            does that mean i need to remove the system from windows devices in Admin, or use the SBAdmin account to create the safetech boot disk?

            if the latter, which file do i use as i have access to 2 files on the floppy disk.
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              To use SafeTech Emergency Boot do this:

              1.)Right click the machine you are working on in the SB Database Admin Console and
              chose "export machine configuration" Note: leave both check marks UNCHECKED

              2.)Save this file to a thumb drive or your floppy disk that you are using SafeTech from and name it something like machinename.sdb

              3.)Boot to SafeTech and when you go to Authenticate chose the option to "authenticate from database"

              4.)Point to your .sdb file and then click next.

              You will now be authorized and authenticated and will be able to use the EBoot feature.
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                that worked a charm and the database reconfigured after a sync so now all is well.

                cheers bud!