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    Migrate to EPO Server

      Currently we are using EPO 4.0 to manage / deploy our Anti-Virus.
      On that same server we are using the SafeBoot Administrator and it manages about 20 laptops.

      What I would like to do is, integrate our SafeBoot into the EPO so I can deploy the encryption software and do reporting from EPO. Is this possible? and if so, is is going to require that I reinstall safeboot on all the laptops? or is there a way I can merge into EPO and then tell the laptops to check in with the EPO server instead of the SafeBoot Console?

      I've been trying to find documentation on this but I seem to be just spinning my wheels here. I was able to get the reporting features into EPO but I can't figure out how to deploy from there.


      -I hope my question makes sense
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          You can't, and never will be able to manage SafeBoot 5 (or rather SafeBoot Device Encryption for PCs) from EPO. You can though both deploy and measure McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's (the successor) from EPO4.

          The next major version of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PCs (v6) will only be manageable from EPO (version 4.5), you'll need to migrate your existing clients from v5 to v6, and from EEM to EPO if you want everything in the same place.

          The current version of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PCs (v5.1.9) can be deployed and measured from within EPO 4.0 though - I think that's what you need? You can find out how to get EPO to do this from the documents within the download - there's a whole manual on how to check the EEPC package into EPO.

          You need to create a install package, Sign it, then you'll be able to import and deploy it. Your consultant can walk you through that process, or it's in the document "ePO 4 Endpoint Encryption Deployment and Reporting User Guide.pdf" in the documents folder of your McAfee EEM install.

          I hope that helps.
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            Interesting, the documentation contains a Syntax error which stops me signing the package, or so a McAfee consultant tells me. I don't think they have changed this since I got mine working.
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              care to point out the error so all can benefit?
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                How is the v5 -> v6 migration going to work? If we're running v5.1.5, do we need to upgrade to v5.1.9 (since ePO can only manage from that version) first before going to v6?