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    Backup Schedules with sfdbback

      Currently we do nightly full object directory backups.

      However I'm looking at configuring a hot backup server, and hence require more frequent synchronisation.

      What I would like is for a backup task to be run every hour, based on the object change log.
      But, I would also like a full object directory backup to be run, say once a week, to a different location .

      What I do not know how to do is to configure the task so that it does not run at the same time and conflict with each other (sfdbback documentation says to make sure tasks do not run at the same time).

      ie. If i set an hourly synchronisation throughout the week, as well as a weekly backup on sunday 5.30am, there is a chance that they will conflict with each other - if the hourly sychronisation runs over from 5am, or if the weekly backup does not finish by 6am.

      I've been looking for some sort of exclusion, to say do not run the hourly synchronisation on sunday between 5 and 7, however i cannot find anything like this.

      Any ideas? Is there something really simple that I'm missing?
      Or is it actually ok for them to collide?!

      Thanks in advance for any input!