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    Admins cannot reset other admin's accounts?

      Hi All,

      In our SB environment, we have created regional "admin" user groups which simply have a higher administration level and the right to administrate all user/machine groups in their region.

      Recently it has transpired that the members of these groups cannot reset the passwords of their fellow admins in the group. This is a problem as it means a simple password reset for a local admin has to be escalated to one of a few global admin staff.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? Is it something to do with the admininstration levels, or is it because you cannot reset passwords for users in the same group as you? Ideally, we will nominate a couple of people in each region with the rights to reset admin passwords for their region. I'd rather not create another level of admin groups if possible.

      Many thanks for any advice!