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    McAfee Content Encryption Installation via EPo

      We are in the process of testing the product before we move into production, we are using the latest version of the McAfee endpoint encryption software and EPo for management. I have created the packages for bother device encryption and content encryption to be installed via EPO. Checked them into the EPO for installation. The installation of Device Encryption works fine, however, the content encrytion package runs and I can see the pop up on the client machine that it has installed and the computer needs a reboot, but when the computer comes back up, the Content encryption piece is not installed. I have tried so many time, recreated the package and done everything I could but not successfull.

      Any thoughts.
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          run the standard (non epo) installer on your machine - maybe you're missing a hotfix or something else essential?
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            As suggested, I tried to install the content encryption package directly on the laptop, got the message that I need Microsoft KB 922582 hotfix installed on the machine to continue with the installation. As soon as I done that, I was able to install the content encryption via EPO.


            • 3. Migration

              Even we are in the process of migrating the product from 4.2 to 5.1. Now laid my hands onto the product yet, but incase you can share about your approach to the migration?

              What i am thinking is the following:

              1. We create the server from scratch, installing HDE 5.1.
              2. Link the existing DB to the new installation.
              3. Update the schema.

              do you think the above is possible for the migration? I am still not sure how we are going to manage client installations but still building an approach.

              Thanks for your help.

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                the database is the same for both versions, so there's no need to do any schema changes (in fact, you can't do any - we don't provide for it)


                You are right though. Step 1 is to get your management environment upgraded, then worry about the clients. You can run both versions of SBadmin, but only ONE version of the server at any time.
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                  HI bashir

                  i am going trough the same issue but got stuck @ importing the package to epo server.
                  I manage to eposign the pkgcatlog. xml file to could'nt check in. can you please advcie.
                  can you please take trough how did manage to check the package into epo server