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    SafeBoot v5.1 Locks up

      Hi everyone,

      We have SafeBoot v5.1 on our laptops. Recently installed it on a new laptop and the eu has many files that need to be backed up. Basically, the Dell e6500 POSTs, but right after it reads out chipset info and such and then displays "Starting SafeBoot v5.1" \n "Please wait...' and it freezes here with a blinking _ cursor.

      The drive is fully encrypted and i was looking for how to make a "SafeTech" boot disc, but to no avail because i believe that is for McAfee EE only?

      Long story short - how can i decrypt the hdd to acces these files (via windows xp or BartPE disc). If i can get those files off and then nuke it, no big.

      Thanks everyone!
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