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    sbadmcl invalid database handle

      I am trying to utilize the sbadmcl tool to do some mainenance chores, but every command I try, I get an "Invalid Database Handle" error.

      I am running the tool on my server from the same admin account that I use for SafeBoot Administration. Not sure why I'm getting this, but it is driving me crazy. The main commands I am trying to use are MoveMachine and MoveUser.
        • 1. RE: sbadmcl invalid database handle
          exactly what are you doing? trying to make a script, or using a bat file command line?

          usually this means you didnt get a connection to the database, most often because in the <database> tag you're specifying an address (wrong) rather than a valid description as per the API spec.

          post the fragment so we can see what you're trying to do, and if you're using COM/Script etc, try your command with a plain old command line to make sure the options are right.
          • 2. command structure
            I was using a command line, just trying to get the syntax right. I used the followoing command from the SBAdmin directory:

            c:\>sbadmcl -command:movemachine -machine:companycomputer1 -newgroup:agentmigrationgroup1

            and that is when I get the error.
            • 3. RE: command structure
              you forgot the -adminuser and -adminpwd tags ;-)

              see page 9 of the manual - they are not shown on the help as they are common to every command (nothing to do with the command itself).