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    User recovery as default?

      Hi All,

      When doing a remote recovery on a laptop (i.e. reading the codes over the phone to grant emergency access), I notice that the default option is machine recovery. This is understandable.

      Unfortunately, our users cannot seem to get their little heads around the idea of clicking on the user recovery option, and comical back and forths ensue between the helpdesk and the users, eventually leading to the helpdesk giving up and just completing the process for machine recovery. In the case of forgotten user passwords, this leads to us getting another call the next day, since they are not prompted to reset it.

      Obviously, it is waaay too much trouble for the users to listen and click on the right option, so I'm wondering if there is any way to force the user recovery option as the default?

      I'm guessing there might be a config file I can change and distribute?