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    Errors after upgrading to 5.1.8

      We have some laptops that are getting the following errors after upgrading to version 5.1.8

      This is actually creating DUPLICATE user accounts in the MEE Database too which is weird becase its not supposed to be possible lol.

      6/3/2009 9:12:31 AM Adding user (ID=0000b107) JUser
      6/3/2009 9:12:32 AM Error processing user (ID=0000b107): [e0050036] Client data store object name already exists

      and then further down the log we get

      6/3/2009 9:12:45 AM Error processing user (ID=0000b107): [e0050030] Client data store object not found

      Any ideas? If i find the fix before anyone on here posts back ill post the fix as well incase someone else runs into this.
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          Found the fix... the culprit was the AD Connector putting duplicates in the database.

          Product Issue – Endpoint Encryption Manager 5.1.8

          What’s happening?
          After upgrading from Endpoint Encryption Build 5500, 5502 or 5503 (Endpoint Encryption Manager v5.1.7) to 5600 (Endpoint Encryption Manager v5.1.8), the Connector Manager imports duplicate users into the Management database.

          Environments Affected
          Endpoint Encryption Manager v5.1.8 on all supported Windows Operating Systems

          The current workaround is to replace the sbadconnector.dll from the Build 5600 version of Endpoint Encryption Manager (v5.1.8) with the one from Build 5500 Endpoint Encryption Manager (v5.1.8).