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    doesnt hold local self recovery answers


      MEE version

      Problem occurs on sony vaio vgn-tz31mn

      Worth noting the disc had hidden partitions before a format

      Unable to retain local self recovery answers

      Basically I go through the process of setting up the user. Changing the password and they answer the security questions for local recovery. I synchronise and the audit logs for the user and machine say “registered for local self recovery”. When user restarts it prompts for security questions to be answered again. I have tested with several user accounts and its always the same problem. It accepts the password change but “forgets” that you’ve updated the local recovery data

      I don’t know where to start figuring out if it’s a problem with the local machine, the server or me. I have deployed this to 30+ machines so far with no problems

      Have tried googling and looking through the forums but couldnt find any hints

      The one major difference is this is a Vaio and in typical fashion the managing directors so a solution is paramount