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    Docked Keyboard Fails after 5.1.9 (5701) Upgrade

      I've upgraded my laptop from 5.1.6 to 5.1.9, went through the process of updating file sets, then removed 5.1.6 client files and added 5.1.9 for the properties of my test group. My client went through a synch and all was good. I got through one reboot with no problem, but after that the external keyboard for my docked HP NC6400 fails to work.

      If I remove it from the dock, the keyboard itself works, and if I unplug and reconnect the keyboard it will continue to work (until I hit numlock, oddly enough, at which point it fails again). The mouse continues to work, so I know it's never hung.

      Everything is US/English - the OS, the Laptop, The Keyboard, etc. The Keyboard is PS2 and the mouse is USB.
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          The KB locks up in pre-boot or Windows? You mention running the latest MEE version, but what about your system BIOS? If the lockup is while Windows is running, have you tried updating motherboard chipset drivers for Windows? Are there any BIOS/Windows settings that would change the docking behavior? Is the docking station also HP, or something generic like Targus or Belkin? Are there any Function keys on the laptop that change its hardware behavior settings (like Fn+F6... or whatever)?
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            It locks up (or really, just doesn't work) in pre-boot. It works pre-pre-boot (BIOS, Startup, Network Boot, etc) and works after pre-boot (Windows) - just not in pre-boot. Wound up opening a ticket and they had me check emulation settings in the BIOS (there were none) as well as making sure I'm on the latest BIOS rev (I am). Function keys don't seem to do anything in pre-boot to help.

            It's an HP docking station and it works fine with client version 5.1.3 and 5.1.6, just not 5.1.9.
            • 3. I had similar problems on HP docking stations
              I had similar problems on HP docking stations. The setting usually we played with (turning them on and off) is enable preboot compatibility and always enable pre-boot USB support).

              Create a new container, put the computer in it, change one of the settings, sync the computer and reboot.
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                FYI, I've been living with this issue since the 5.1.9 release with no changes to the BIOS or the options per McAfee helping. I upgraded the client on this machine today to 5.2 and all is working perfectly -- although the release notes made no mention of any updates that should help.
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                  i experience exactly the same problems.

                  * there were NO hints about updates in the release note
                  * i made no changes to the EE settings
                  * no changes on the clients

                  now the users call every day, about problems after entering their safeboot password.

                  I try to describe the problem now:

                  * The user switches on the computer
                  * User enters his Safeboot Username and Password
                  * Then the message "the system could not be restarted from the previous location, because the restoration image is corrupt. Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu" appears.
                  * The User is NOT ABLE to push the enter button on his laptop. also external keyboards do not work. also switching off the computer does not help, since the same message appears again after reboot.

                  * I "fixed" this problem by removing Safeboot with the help of the Wintech CD. After Safeboot is gone, the error message appears again, but now the keyboard WORKS, and so the enter button can be pushed.

                  --> i would like to know:
                  - why does this happen?
                  - how can this be fixed. Upgrading to 5.2 is not an acceptable(working) solution, because the computer wont start

                  thank you in advance!
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                    5.2 resolved this issue for me as well, with 5.1.9 I was having problems with any ps/2 keyboard with our hp systems (desktops and laptops).