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    Password doesn’t work in “Upek FingerPrint Reader Logon”

      Hi all,

      MEEPC 5.1.8

      We are using in some machines the UPEK fingerprint reader and we have configured to work with MEEPC.

      We have fowling the steps from the document “Endpoint encryption manager administration guide” to install and configure.

      In the properties of the user (MEE Console) we change the token to Upek Fingerprint token, the user in the first logon change their password and when he login’s in operating system he register their fingers, so far so good.
      But when the user needs to login in the machine, not with their finger but using the password he receive the error message “0xe0010002 Authentication parameters incorrect”

      The user should put their password and have a succeed login in the window of pre-boot logon, using the upek token.

      Anyone have this symptom?