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    Endpoint Encryption preboot logon defaulting to US keyboard - should be UK


      I'm currently testing an upgrade from safeboot 4 to Endpoint Encryption Build 5701

      The problem I have is the first time the new Endpoint Encryption preboot logon appeasr the Keyboard is defaulting to a US keyboard and we have english keyboards

      The File groups I have selected for the upgrade are

      EEPC51 LANG: English United Kingdom/USA (PreBoot, Keyboard, Windows)
      EEPC51: Endpoint Encryption 5.1.7 Client Files
      FE5100: File Encryptor

      I also have a custom Theme which includes the files
      bar.png, graphics.ini,logonbanner.png, middel.png,options.png,recovery,png,stripe.png, tahoma12b.pbf,tahoma18b.pbf,tahoma8.pbf,tahoma8b.pbf

      The issue I have is if a user is using a character like " as part of their password they end up typing @, if you click on Options, Options then the Local Language and Keyboard both show English (United Kingdom), if you then click OK then the preboot screen correctly shows Keyboard: English (United Kingdom) at the bottom of the screen and the keyboard is mapped correctly

      The thing is it will be bad enough just doing the upgrade for all our users, let alone relying on the user to click on the option button to enable the UK keyboard for correct password entry.

      How can I get the orebvoot environment to correctly start with the keyboard mapped to English (United Kingdom) ?, as previosuly stated when preboot first starts the Keyboard text does not show a keyboard, only after clicking on options does English (United Kingdom) appear.


      in Advance