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    WebHelpDesk stops responding


      When we try to reset a user password via webhelpdesk we get the page “webHelpdesk User Challenge”, we put the key on “challenge(from users screen)” , choose next button and nothing happens. …If we try the same steps on the MEE Server this works fine…

      Anyone have this symptom?
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          yep we have the same issue but as of yet have been unable to resolve the problem. Would be very intreasted to see if you get a resolution
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            Have you tried restarting the sbhttp service?
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              We've seen this issue were once you enter the client code it just sits. We were able to solve it by deselecting the "HTTP 1.1 settings" in the IE advanced internet options.
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                Try Firefox, as its default settings seem to work better than the default IE settings. This will help determine if it is a browser problem or server issue.

                If that doesn't help, check the SB configs to make sure that you are using a database name that will always properly resolve (short name, but suffix in suffix search order; IP address, or FQDN).
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                  we have tried firefox previously and it has worked, but in our enviroment it is unsupported and we are therefore not alowed to use it. We have also called the site from a HTA script which has worked as well but again we have been stopped from using this solution. We have also tried the "HTTP 1.1 settings" we know its a problem with IE but we cant isolate it.

                  All the configs use the FQDN so there shouldnt be a problem there either. Its a strange one as everything looks fine but for our service desk the console hangs when they enter the recovery codes and naever really functions correctly.
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                    Have you tried a standard IE install (without company settings)? The problem may be the company applied IE settings.

                    Additionally, is the management server in the proxy bypass list? It could be that your proxy server is handling the request, and trashing the HTTP GET/POST operations.
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                      we have tried everything we can think of with this problem. its all internal traffic and we have confirmed that this is not hitting our proxys. we have tried the HTTP 1.1 settings. we have even gone so far as turning of as much of the security in IE as we can but we still get the same problems. we have investigated the builds and network and still when the operators enter the recovery code it just hangs. This is with IE6, 7 and 8 but no other browser only IE.
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                        Are you using the Microsoft ISA firewall client ?
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                          nope sad somthing in IE is causing this problem, even if the page is accessed directly on the server 1st code goes in wrong its fine 2nd time it hangs. and on the helpdesk the first time the codes is entered wrong it just hangs.
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