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    Error message: : Object not found

      I generatet an Offline EEPC file that the user installed outside the network. Installation was successfull, but when he connects to network, the endpoint encryption client wont connet to database to syncronize.

      The client computer discs are encrypted.
      They all log on to SafeBoot with same username because I forgot to set up different users before generating the EEPC file. This shouldn't be a problem I guess, because they will get their users after syncronizing the first time. Then I can reset the password for the user they used first time. They will then be able to log on to SafeBoot on their machines with the personal username/password.

      Get this information when trying to sync:

      Checking for user updates
      Error [db010010]: Object not found
      Checking for hashes updates
      Error [db010010]: Object not found
      Checking for file updates
      Error [db010010]: Object not found

      Anybody know whats wrong?
      Any solutions, others then using SafeTech/WinTech to remove SafeBoot?