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    V519 is out

      I see version V519 (B5701) is out but I cannot find the document that shows what fixes were made. Anyone know what document that is contained in?
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          in the release notes - you can download them separatly.

          only EEFF changed (to add the new removable media stuff). No changes to anything else.
          • 2. Release notes aren't available yet?
            In the 5.1.8 release the release notes were available under the "Documentation" tab, but I see no such download currently. Is there any reason the release notes are not included in the main download?
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              I think because they come from different departments - putting them together would mean the release notes would have to be written before the code base is sealed by development, so nothing found later on in QA could be included.
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                I just got off the phone with tech support. They are telling me not to use V519 as they found a bunch of bugs in it on release and to use v518. But if there is no difference in V518 and V519 how can this be? We have a major rollout of V517 on tablets running Vista Business and are getting most of them with problem encrypting where it takes many, many reboots for it to begin. The progress bar sets at 5 hours or so forever. Even after 5 hours it is not encrypted. So which version should I be using V517, V518, or version V519?
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                  you should use the version support told you to use. Ie, 5.18 or wait for the refresh 5.19.

                  there is only one "bug" I know of, and that's simply that because 5.19 is exactly the same code as 5.18 (for EEPC), they forgot to update the file set version number. If you install 5.19 all your machines will perform a pointless client update.

                  There's no point you waiting for 5.19, as it does not contain any changes to EEPC at all. Use 5.18 instead.
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                    Funny . . . I was told by teir 2 to upgrade to 5.1.9 / build 5701 because of the bug fixes.

                    As it was explained to me, build 5700 for EE had several bug fixes for syncing problems. However, build 5700 was internal only and not released. Build 5701 which only included a fix for EEFF did not have any comments about the bug fixes from 5700.

                    I did the upgrade over the weekend, hopefully something I will not regret.

                    What is the ETA for next build that has the right version info in it?
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                      In B5701 a lot of files have been updated (e.g. scripting tools, EEPC, connectors, ...) and not only EEFF. Any possibility to get the release notes? I'm eagerly waiting for some fixes which support told me to be in the next (this?) release.
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                        There were two 519's. 5700 and 5701.

                        No changes in 5701 from 5700, but 5700 did have some changes...

                        5700.1 Hibernation Fails To Complete On Vista 64
                        5700.2 Dell E Series Internal Reader failure in Pre-Boot Environment
                        5700.3 Local Recovery Is Reset Each Time The Machine Is Synchronised with Database
                        5700.4 Removal of all local assigned user accounts when connection between sbserver and database is disconnected
                        5700.5 HP Evo D510 EPC Hangs at "Resetting hardware" message
                        5700.6 ST 1044 Cherry Reader Fails to logon with DODCAC card.
                        5700.7 Duplicate users created by the AD connector when upgrading from version 5.1.7
                        build 5502 to version 5.1.8 Build 5600

                        EEFF 3.2.0
                        320.1 New feature: Endpoint Encryption for Removable Media (EERM)

                        VDISK/EEV PC
                        4121.1 Resolved ePO 4.1 system tray defect

                        Rest no changes

                        I haven't seen the official release notes available anywhere at this moment (could be a KB article) but this may help.
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                          I had to call McAfee support to get the Release Notes for B5701. They e-mailed them to me as a PDF, just like they would have been if they were available for download. I think someone forgot to put them out there.