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    New domain

      Next, we will be moving to a new domain, so that will include the Safeboot Administration V4.2 server. The server will also get a new ip adres. Now, I have read that you will just need to modify the SDMFG.ini on the server and client side (our laptops are not in a domain), but the file does contain a server key. Is this key identical in every file, so I can just distribute a new identical file to each client?

      Thanks in advance.
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          you as you say need to modify the sdmcfg.ini on EVERY client with the new DNS name (please don't use IP!).

          the best way is to distribute a new SCM.ini/SDMCFG.ini MERGE ini's to all machines to add a new connection for the new location of the server (the key will stay the same). Then, clients will continue on the old box until you've distributed the file, then move to the new one.

          remember you'll have to monitor the audit of the machines to catch the ones which don't get the update, and thus get disconnected.
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            Ok, thanks. The name of the server will not change, just the ip adres.
            Why change the SCM.ini? I do not see an entry idicatin the name of the database.
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              because you need to >add< a new connection - if you change the existing one, the machine won't be able to sync again until you move the server.

              by adding one you give the machine the capacity to sync to the current server until you move it, and then the new server straight away.

              the key thing to plan for is what to do about all the machines which don't pick up the update prior to you doing the server move.

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                Unfortunately, our laptops are not in a domain, we cannot reach them, so I'll have to instruct our users to execute a batch file (other files will need to be updated to). This will be done after the migration, if laptops do not sync immediately after the migration, this is not a big problem, it will still work.
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                  Are you sure I can use a hostname instead of an ip adres?
                  If I change the SDMCFG.ini on a client and use the hostname, while syncing it gives me an error message Unable to convert a host name to an ip adress.
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                    I have the hostname recognized by the client, so that is working now.
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                      Yes, you can use the hostname, and should - that way if the IP address changes (which is usually more likely that the hostname), nothing needs to be done on the clients, just update DNS.

                      Second, it doesn't matter that the systems aren't on a domain - when you update the INI files in the FileSet, they will get distributed to the clients on first synch. Just make sure you don't have the option selected not to synch files!
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                        ok, so I only need to replace the ip adress by the hostname in the SDMCFG.ini on the server and this will be replicated to the clients automatically. That sounds great.
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                          if you can have the server on both addresses at the same time, yes. If not, then no - you need to deploy an additional connection strategy to the machines.
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