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    Safeboot synch problem with Novell eDirectory

      Hi Everyone,

      I am synchronising safeboot with Novell eDirectory which is working fine... except when a user account has an expiry date.

      The problem I am having is that when SB synchs user accounts with expiry dates set, the SB "valid until" entry will be set to 12/05/2009 while the netware expiry date is some other date value, Eg. 29/05/2009.

      If I change the netware expiry date and synch, the SB date remains 12 May 2009. If I change the SB "valid until" to any other date, it is reset to 12/05/2009 on the next scheduled synch.

      The LDAP connector in Safeboot Connection Manager is configured to set the expiry date value using the Netware attribute "loginExpirationTime". When I perform an LDAP query on the eDir account, I see the loginExpirationTime is a text string "20092905080000Z" which looks ok.

      Safeboot version is
      eDirectory version is

      Has anyone else had this problem or able to assist???

      Thanks in advance.