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    Send Support Information?

      Why would we get an error when using the option to "send support information" from the MEE Tray Icon?

      Error is: "a SbClientSupportInfoPlugin message is displayed stating "Error creating cabinet file."
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          I have the same issue? I never looked into it, but guessing that it is an ePO integration component. Since our users leave the systray alone and we don't have ePO, I never really cared.
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            For what it's worth, it works fine for me - it opens up a new email message that contains my comptuer name, user name, machine id, user id, and then a CAB that has my SBClientLog, Locale.ini, SbGina.ini, SCM.INI, SDMCFG.ini and a MODULES.TXT (dump of modules from SbClient screen) attached.

            Since it's the CAB creation part that's failing on your computer, perhaps you're missing some component necessary to create CAB files?